Wednesday "Nap Time" Discussion Question

Every Wednesday we will post a question related to Monday’s topic. We hope to start a virtual place through the comments section for you all to interact, share ideas, even pray for one another. Please grab a cup of coffee (or tea) and chime in to get the “conversation” going! 

What is the biggest challenge you currently face as a Mommy Missionary when it comes to prioritizing your time?  What would help you in this area?

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5 thoughts on “Wednesday "Nap Time" Discussion Question

  1. I'm excited for this blog! To answer the question, it's hard to decide how much I should do during nap time so I can play with the kids, and how much I should do with the kids awake so I can teach them. This could mean chores, bible study, a hobby or passion, or connecting with a friend. On a bigger scale I do have time I could put towards ministry, but do I at the expense of time with the family? Seeing the future and how my decisions effected my children would help 🙂 haha! Seriously though, I think it would be beneficial to hear from other moms and how they have done things.


  2. That is such a good question, Jessie! I have wrestled with that as well. I don't want to always be pushing my kids away so \”I can do my work\” when they are my first priority work, so to speak. But I also feel pressure often to get some things done. And kids we can't ever check off the list as \”done!\”I've noticed if I spend really good time with my kids early on in the day (even just 10 minutes one on one), their tanks seem to be full, and they can play well independently of me for a while after that. Then eventually chaos abounds, and I have to shift my attention back to them…My biggest challenge goes back again and again to the phrase \”responsibilities before opportunities.\” I use it with my kids a lot too: \”Yes, I know that playing with legos is fun, honey, but you had a responsibility to make your bed, first, before you started playing…\” And then I think to myself, \”Yes, Linnette, checking Facebook is always full of interesting tidbits, but you had a responsibility to get dinner going so we could eat at a decent time!\” What would help me? Simple goals for the day, big picture priorities clear in my mind, and grace for myself when I don't get all the boxes checked off!


  3. I love that phrase, Linnette! I'm already learning so much from you! 🙂 Jessie, my involvement looked different every semester. My husband and I would decide together what the needs of the family and campus were. Sometimes he would free me up to be on campus more. Other semesters I hung back and kept things running as smoothly as possible with three boys. :)DAILY though I felt the confusion and pull of many opportunities. That is when nothing could replace walking closely with Jesus and trying to follow His lead for my day. On the days when I did this everything went much more smoothly. On the days I went ahead with my own agenda, everyone suffered.Sometimes it meant a campus focus, other times a home focus. Mothering and ministry outside the home is such a tricky balance that will look different for everyone. I'm so proud of each and everyone of you as you decide what this should look like for your family. For us, when practical I like to include my kids in on what I'm doing, ministering as a family – so they don't feel like second-rate citizens but don't always feel entitled to be the center of my attention. Linnette has a great post about including our kids in on hospitality coming up – so stay tuned! 🙂


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