Wednesday’s "Nap Time" Discussion Question

On Monday Linnette offered us great tips on STP’s with kids. What a wonderful resource that applies to every STP. Instead of a traditional discussion question today I’d like to encourage you to hop over to our FB group (if you aren’t already reading from there). We have added new files to the Navigator Mom’s FB group for each STP.  If you haven’t already, please add your helpful info to these files as a resource for future moms attending. Or if you are going for the first time, post your questions in the comments section under the file for your STP and tag the moms who attended last year so they can answer your questions.
To access the files click on “files” at the top of the group page. (Note – You might have to do this from your computer. On my iPhone that file option doesn’t show – but you can always scroll down the newsfeed to find the file you need too.)

4 thoughts on “Wednesday’s "Nap Time" Discussion Question

  1. Getting up with Dave in the mornings helps me a lot. Now that I get to sleep through the night again, and I'm not feeding anyone I can actually do that 🙂 Having a plan– the 5x5x5 discipleship journal reading plan has been great for me this year (attainable!), and I love Ann Voscamp's scripture memory plan where you learn a big passage over the course of the year. Something about having the structure in place makes it so much more doable– and then I find that I connect with Jesus while in waiting rooms or in the car or on the go…


  2. It's 5 minutes a day 5 days a week going through the New Testament in a year.'m working on the Sermon on the Mount this year, and I did Romans (ch. 1, 8, 12) two years ago. She has other ones as well, and you could really set it up yourself if you were motivated :)


  3. When my kids were really little I discovered sermons online. With technology today it is easy to listen wherever I am from my phone and pause it as many times as I (My KIDS) need (me) to. 🙂 When I didn't have a lot of time to dig into and study scripture listening to good teaching on a passage helped keep me fed. I like


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