Wednesday’s "Nap Time" Discussion

On Monday Sherry posted about her first STP experience as a mom.  What has been most challenging or encouraging to you as a mommy missionary during your summer plans? Share a verse or story that might impact another mom this summer!

10 thoughts on “Wednesday’s "Nap Time" Discussion

  1. Something I would love some discussion or maybe ideas on are some practical ways to help teach self control. Often, I read something in a parenting book and totally agree already with the philosophy and the argument that this is important, or this is how we should think etc., but then there is not a lot of practical help on how to do it! I know I WANT to instill self-control in my kids… just struggle often in the different ages and stages of HOW to do this. So maybe some of your thoughts on your favorite practical books, blogs, etc. I will give you a few of my most challenging \”self control\” scenarios this week (haha) One and half year old Abigail's constant \”MINE.\” Four year old Hayley Grace's daily emotional meltdowns over things like the pink marker running out or not getting to watch a show 😉


  2. I second Leigh Ann!!! Same boat with the 1.5 year old and 4 year old and add a 3 year old who gets her heart broken in the most dramatic of fashions when either sister takes her favorite toy when she's in the bathroom!


  3. We are all a work in progress on self control in our house. Knowing I struggle with it helps me have compassion for these littles in my house who are trying to sort through disappointments.The most helpful way I've found with littles is to have them fold their hands to get self control. When they are really young (18 mos), I will gently fold their hands and teach them how… they learn to fold hands really quick! Then when they begin to scream, I'll tell them, \”please fold your hands and get self control\” and I see them obey mommy, and I know I have their hearts. Something about folding hands gives them somewhere to focus their energy. After a moment, I'll try to calmly talk it out… If we are in full tantrum mode, each kid has a special place they go to get self control (like the stairs). This isn't for discipline, it's for calming down and regrouping. Then we will discipline or work out a conflict or whatever is the necessary next step from a place of peace not screaming…Mommy also has a place to go to self control :). And my kids all know it!


  4. Linnette – so much wisdom in such a little person!!! Leigh Ann, I have often felt the same way about parenting books – not a whole lot of practical how-to. One book I read did talk about eating habits as a daily practice of self control. Not letting them have snacks too close to a meal even if they are hungry. This teaches delayed gratification which becomes so much more important as our kids grow up.


  5. I loved Katie's article. It has been very challenging to me the last few days in such a good way. I was thinking exactly what Leigh Ann was thinking! Thank you Linnette for that practical idea. I love how it is more positive than just saying all the time \”don't scream, don't fuss, don't…\” It is so helpful.


  6. Leigh Ann I have been thinking about your question since you posted it. Your question prompts a lot of thoughts for me. So many that maybe I will work on a Part 3: Practical Tips. Not necessarily exactly \”how to\”, but lots of wise words I have gleaned from folks older and wiser than me, whom we have tried to emulate in our parenting. General thoughts that are applicable to specific situations…since all of our situations and kids are soooo different. I need to get these thoughts out of my head because they are rattling around in my brain and keeping my awake! haha. LOVE interacting with you all.


  7. Wonderful idea @linette!!! I will be trying that directly after \”naptime\” (said with sarcasm today as abigail yells and bamgs on her crib) And @katie I would LOVE a part 3!!!!


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