Wednesday’s Naptime Discussion

On Monday Dana shared 3 lessons God taught her about discipling others during her years with little ones. You might be currently discipling someone, or you might be in a particularly difficult season when that is more than you can give. What challenges are you currently facing? How has discipling others changed since you became a mommy missionary?

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3 thoughts on “Wednesday’s Naptime Discussion

  1. We are getting ready to move to a campus we haven't been at for 2 years and my husband will be the director. The girls I was connected with have graduated. I think it will be a challenge to find a new balance of motherhood and ministry in this new role and help my husband with the women. I'm excited, but also curious how it will come together. Any advice on entering the new season in director's wife role especially with kids at home would be greatly, greatly appreciated.


  2. Hi Katie R. Dana Yeakley here! Congrats on your move and new role as a campus director. Since you have lived there before you will have some predetermined ideas about life there. I would view this role and campus as 'brand' new and not assume anything! I am not sure as to your exact assignment but i will share with you three questions Tom and I seek to OVER discuss whenever we transition into a new role. 1. How will this new role affect him? How will it be different from the role he has just served in? There will always be anticipated changes and there will always be surprises!2. How will this new role affect me? Will i still meet with women on campus, student leaders or focus on the staff women on the team who are helping on campus. Imagining my contribution with Tom before we move helps him to know what i think i can handle and what i am excited about.3. How will this new role affect our family life? Will the hours he is around us change? Will we see him less, more? Why? Will we use our home more or less? What do your children need as you move? How about finances? Are you up to budget or do you need to raise your budget?In general i think these questions should spark how your husband is viewing his new role. They should help both of you to express any expectations you have. This is important so that you can minimize the stress of change. I always tried to make any move we made into a great adventure for the kids. Teaching them about where we were moving to and what they could look forward to created anticipation and excitement. Finally, Tom and i always asked God to give us a promise for the new role and ministry He was asking us to do. This always served our hearts when the stress would mount up as we transitioned. Praying together even if for five minutes a day…was crucial for my heart!Hope this helps Katie!


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