Manna for Today

The Israelites were roaming in the wilderness for 40 years, often forgetting all that the Lord had done and was doing for them. I can read the Old Testament and be critical in my heart about them. Hadn’t they seen the Lord provide from the beginning as they had plundered and fled Egypt while the whole Egyptian army was consumed by the Red Sea, which they had passed over as on dry land? Did they remember the promises God made? When they grumbled, God heard, and moved. Why weren’t they thankful? He provided for them in every way so that their feet did not swell and their clothes did not wear out! When they were hungry, He provided manna for them. Every day! Just enough manna for the day, but not enough to store up or too much to waste.  He gave them their daily bread and it was exactly what they needed!

Often during our decade (plus) on campus I wondered if I would make it. How could I coordinate the activities of our home, be a loving and cheerful wife, train our sons and meet with women or have people over to the house? How could I get a few moments to meet with the Lord without being summoned to referee a fight or clean up a spill? Or how could I even go to the bathroom alone without interruption? I grumbled too many times just like the Israelites. How could I forget all the Lord was doing in my life?

He provided for us in so many ways! Our funding, students, a staff team, a home and food on the table showed His provision for us. It was always enough! I somehow had the energy; resources and time to do all that the Lord wanted me to do even if I felt I fell short. God showed me He was faithful to provide everything I needed. I couldn’t store up my energy or my time with our family. I couldn’t have extended time alone with the Lord with the entire bustle that accompanied every day life. I often couldn’t go to campus because I needed to be home with our boys. But it was enough. God showed me that He was enough. Through my challenges and weaknesses, He would provide manna for each day. What a comfort to my wandering heart! Jesus taught His disciples to pray, “Give us each day our daily bread” (Luke 11:3). And I need to pray and ask with confidence that He will meet my daily need as well.

How could I be critical of the Israelites? I was really no different. When I sense my spirit becoming critical and wondering if I have enough, I am learning to thank the Lord for all He is doing in and through me. It seems that thanksgiving is an antidote to criticism, doubt and lack of faith. Trusting that God will be enough and will provide manna for each day is hopeful and I can lean into that truth!


What about you? What encouraged your heart from this post? What other ways has God given you “manna” or just what you needed when you needed it as a mommy missionary?
(This blog is public, meaning anyone can read it, but not highly advertised or “out there”.  If you feel more comfortable sharing your thoughts in a more private setting – our closed FB group is a great option to dialogue with other moms in ministry). 

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