Funding Encouragement: Do Not Be Anxious

“Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.” Matthew 6:34

During the Trusting God session for new EDGER’s, Jim shares, “It seems that at least half of the miracle stories in our lives are related to funding. Over and over God has shown Himself to be faithful in our funding, which has given us confidence to trust him in other areas of our lives. ” For 25 years we have been raising support and we can’t imagine it differently, but I must admit that at times I find myself anxious over our funding issues.
Last July Jim was getting noticeably quiet, waking up early and seeming to fret. It took me a while (you would think I would be quicker after 30 years of marriage) to ask what was going on. “Is our funding in a bad spot?” I asked, but did not really want the answer. Our Navigator account was in deficit again. Jim has taken the primary responsibility for our funding over the decades yet I still feel the weight of not being fully funded, knowing that a deficit requires extra work for both of us. I develop most of our communication with donors and tend to be the one who keeps in contact with ministry partners so we both needed to be intentional.
Jim had a plan to talk to people, write letters, make calls, visits and follow-up but we knew we needed more. We needed to pray and not to be anxious! We prayed that the Lord would hear and that He would move in some of our donors’ hearts to give even if we didn’t even ask. God indeed was on the move and prompting them to give. Through lots of prayer and concerted effort, our deficit was gone in about seven weeks and some donors even gave without being asked! We breathed sigh of relief and prayed thankfully. Once again God had shown himself to be faithful.
Over and over again we have seen God do amazing things by providing for us.  In the 1990’s we saw God care for us in ways we never imagined by erasing a $20,000 deficit.  Five years later when we were trying to take our family on a mission experience, we couldn’t include the boys on our Navigator expenses (we are working on that through Navs and think there is a breakthrough coming). We had to raise extra money through our church for them and it seemed like it was not going to work, but then God provided. As we moved our family from Iowa to Colorado Springs 10 ½ years ago, we lost over $40,000 in annual support.  God showed us His faithfulness again as our account was slowly getting back to the positive side.
I need to remember God’s faithfulness and His provision in order to not be anxious in times of deficit as well as in other challenges that we face in life and ministry. Anxiety over the issue doesn’t solve anything but a thankful heart and trust in Him is encouraging.  It is a joy to pray, watch and see God work in every area, and specifically in the area of ministry partner development.

How has God worked in your heart through funding? What funding miracles have you experienced in your life?

2 thoughts on “Funding Encouragement: Do Not Be Anxious

  1. Thank you for sharing. My husband and I began support raising approximately 9 months ago and are praying/hoping/planning to be on campus this Fall. It has been an encouraging process and also weary at times, so thank you for sharing your experience. It is encouraging to be reminded of God's faithfulness and no need to be anxious.


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