My Best Semester Schedule: How I Stay Engaged on Campus and Kept my Own Cup Full

Engaging on Campus Series

One brisk fall morning I shuttled two of my sons to school. After that I swung by a Nav girl’s house to drop off my third child. I looked forward to some much needed alone time with my Bible, coffee and whatever was on my to-do list for the morning. It would only be for a few hours, but that few hours was making all the difference in how I felt about my very limited discretionary time during that season of being a mommy missionary.

My husband Jeff has always been very supportive of my involvement on campus. Before having kids this didn’t take much effort. After starting our family we had to be creative and intentional to make this happen. Despite his busy schedule Jeff made time take the kids a part of his weekly routine. This allowed me to connect with women, prep Bible study, and train women on campus.

Some weeks this is exactly what I needed to refresh and come back ready to mother again. Other weeks I desperately needed time to dig into the Word, pray and just be quiet before the Lord. I often felt torn on how to best use this time. And tempted to run a quick errand or two sans kiddos. 🙂
Our last year on campus when 2 of our 3 boys were in school full-time I hit upon what became the best schedule for me. In addition to my weekly afternoon afforded by Jeff, I hired a student to watch our youngest for a few hours.  I loved this schedule because it allowed me to spend one half day on campus and another time just refilling my own cup, enjoying a breakfast date with Jeff or prepping for ministry. I no longer felt torn between meeting my own needs and meeting the needs of the ministry.

I know that we couldn’t have done this every year that I have been a mommy missionary. But once I tried it out I wished I had done it a lot sooner! I wasn’t gone from home a lot, that was where I wanted to make my biggest contribution. But it was just enough to keep me refreshed and connected to campus. 
If swapping out with your husband is a new idea for you, maybe that is something you two would consider beneficial to both your family and campus. Or perhaps “hiring” a student either in exchange for a meal, laundry, transportation or cash (whatever it takes) could be just the thing you need. Whatever it is, and I know it is different for each of us, I pray God will continue to guide you in your faithful service as a mommy missionary.


Sherry has been on staff since 1997. She and Jeff have been married for 14 years and have served in WI, SD and now in CO.  They have 3 boys ages 6-11 and there is never a dull moment in their house. Sherry enjoys writing and encouraging mommy missionaries when she isn’t busy shuttling boys around town. She is also re-entering the world of homeschooling after a year off. 

One thought on “My Best Semester Schedule: How I Stay Engaged on Campus and Kept my Own Cup Full

  1. Good thoughts, Sherry. For me, it was a once a week time when David was in school and I could drop Jeff at a Mom's Morning Out at a local church. I FORCED myself to go to the library for time with God because I was so tempted to do those errands which indeed would go faster without the boys. But I also realized I COULD do the errands with them … probably not as fast … but truly I couldn't get quality time with God with one eye and two little ones.


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