Truths and Lies About Disciple-Making

I hit a wall after we returned from Indonesia twenty years ago. I was relationally tired. I found myself paralyzed when I considered discipling yet one more woman! How would I ever maintain the many relationships I had left behind and even before Indonesia? We were ‘beginning again’ connecting with donors, other staff, church, neighbors, family, and new friends. My personal expectations on top of … Continue reading Truths and Lies About Disciple-Making

Life as a Mommy Missionary…When There’s a Conference

In our first years of marriage and on staff, Dave and I experienced regular conflict during conferences.  We would go, go, go all day all week and rarely connect or pace ourselves.  As we entered parenthood, new challenges arose—Do I go?  Do we bring kids?  And if our whole family is there, who is “on” as the parent?  We’d begin conferences tired, after packing and … Continue reading Life as a Mommy Missionary…When There’s a Conference

Realistic Expectations in Disciple-making

One of the biggest challenges I face in discipling women as a mom is having realistic expectations for myself.  When I had two little ones, I made adjustments to the practical details of discipling like location (we moved from a coffee shop to my living room), time (from flexible to naptime), and the number of women I could meet with.  With the arrival of my … Continue reading Realistic Expectations in Disciple-making