4 Tips on Fundraising Over the Holidays

For missionary families, going “home” for Christmas can be a wonderful blessing or an exhausting ordeal. Over the years Lynn and I have struggled to find the balance between spending time with family and visiting our ministry partners, and we’ve put enormous pressure on ourselves to make everyone happy.  That approach left us feeling tired and frustrated, and wondering if we had disappointed every person we know!  When we decided to set reasonable boundaries our trips became much more relaxed and enjoyable. And I can’t name a single partner in 27 years who stopped giving because we weren’t able to visit them at Christmas.

Here are a few lessons we’ve learned that might help you relax and enjoy the holidays:
  1. Decide who has the highest priority: family or ministry partners. YOU get to decide that. But don’t view your visit as a 50/50 split. Be clear about the primary reason for your trip, and schedule your time accordingly.
  2. Your ministry partners are as busy as you are over the holidays.  Very few, if any, feel you need to see them every time you come to town.
  3. Consider inviting your partners to an open house.  Then it becomes THEIR choice if they don’t see you.
  4. It might be worth a second trip. Consider a trip in a different month to visit your ministry partners.

With a bit of planning and healthy boundaries, you might actually enjoy going home for Christmas. 


Roger and Lynn have served with The Navigators since 1988.  The first twenty four years were in Collegiate ministry, leading the campus work at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, then with the leadership team of EDGE Corps. During those years they had the privilege of investing in hundreds of young leaders who are serving around the world.

Roger currently serves as the Director of Ministry Partner Development. The goal of this team is to encourage, empower and equip Navigator staff to fully fund their calling in ministry. For over 3,000 US Navigators serving around the world, seeing God’s faithfulness in their funding is one of the biggest challenges and greatest opportunities.

The Hamiltons have been married for twenty five years and have four children: Ryan, Tori, Andrew and Michael.

4 thoughts on “4 Tips on Fundraising Over the Holidays

  1. Great advice Roger! Striving for healthy boundaries in relationships is an ongoing tension we all face throughout our lives…the donor factor certainly increases a sense of strife…Thanks for your wise words! Greet Lynn!!!


  2. We've held an open house each time we've visited. Very few come so we can get in a great visit with the host family, the kids can chill and play games plus our ministry partners feel invited but not obligated.


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