When Ministry Hurts

Fall launch approached with the mixed emotions it always brings. Our student leaders returned for our training weekend. The long days and nights of not seeing my husband had begun. I desperately wanted to stay connected to the ministry and supportive of my husband. Honestly, not for all the right reasons, some, but not all. I hustled three little boys into their shoes, once found, … Continue reading When Ministry Hurts

Pursuing and Protecting Oneness in Marriage

Recently a young, attractive woman was interacting with Tom at a public event.   Aggressive ‘flirty’ signs exuded from her ostentatious and dabbling behavior… standing close to his face, extended eye contact, and the telltale (warning) touch of his arm as she threw her head back and laughed at something he said.  During this uncomfortable exchange, I was standing right next to Tom… but, she made … Continue reading Pursuing and Protecting Oneness in Marriage

5 Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Marriage

By Sherry Graf I remember the new mommy haze, staying involved in ministry (even if very minimally) and trying to keep the spark alive with my husband that started this whole crazy circus! A book for new moms I read said it was important to leave my baby occasionally overnight for me to be alone with my spouse. It surprised me that it wouldn’t ruin … Continue reading 5 Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Marriage