Relationally Busy, but Lonely

As Navstaff we aren’t the only ones who move a lot. Over the years I’ve met other families whose work has required frequent moves. What seems unique to our work though, is the amount of relational energy we direct toward campus, often leaving us with less capacity for peer relationships. For many of us mommy missionaries, our status as unpaid staff doesn’t release us from … Continue reading Relationally Busy, but Lonely

Spiritual Generations: Inspiration from the First Mommy Missionary

At this time of year you may be asking yourself, How did I get here? and Why am I doing this?’ I remember feeling that way most every August as I steeled myself for the endless days and nights of fall launch. Even though we aren’t currently in the throws of campus life I’m still preparing for a 2 week stint of single parenting as … Continue reading Spiritual Generations: Inspiration from the First Mommy Missionary

Comparison and Jealousy

I don’t like these words! They sound so immature. Comparison has almost become one of those acceptable sins (thank you Jerry Bridges for this phrase) among Christian women. Jealousy is a bit harder to own. But isn’t jealousy a twin to comparison? And both grow in the womb of desire. Being a young mom in campus ministry there are numerous opportunities to compare on many … Continue reading Comparison and Jealousy

Changing Diapers while He’s Changing Lives?

Have you ever felt a twinge of jealousy when your husband comes home from a campus event and shares an encouraging note from a student thanking him for his help? Have you ever been at an event where students publicly rave about your husband and you are not noticed? Sometimes we can compare ourselves with our husband and come up feeling “short” on the fruitfulness … Continue reading Changing Diapers while He’s Changing Lives?

Jealous For My Marriage

One of the names of God that I find fascinating is Jealous (Exodus 34:14). To understand the meaning behind it took some study. In English “jealous” is often used with  “of.”  But when applied to God and His name, Jealous, it is different. God is jealous “for” our affection (Numbers 11:29). God will not give his glory to another (Isaiah 48:11). God is Jealous for … Continue reading Jealous For My Marriage