Getting to Know You: A chat with Cassie Long

Tell us a little about yourself and your family and where you live/serve.

I’ve been married to Trevor for 13 years and have 3 kids, Jaden (7), Josie (5) and Maia (2).  I love Jesus, strong coffee, and good conversation.  We live in Rochester, Minnesota and serve at 3 schools (University of Minnesota-Rochester, Rochester Community and Technical College, and Winona State-Rochester).
Tell us an unusual thing about you.
I have a heart for missions!  Prior to joining Navs we served for 5 years in the Czech Republic with another missions organization.  Czech people and internationals have a special place in my heart!
How did you decide to come on staff and how long have you served?
We’ve been on staff for 7 years. After we transitioned back Stateside, college students/ young adults kept being on our hearts.  A pastor friend pointed us in the direction of campus ministry (Navs), and the rest is history!
What does ministry look like for you right now? What is your involvement with campus if any?
Right now my main contribution is meeting with one of our student leaders and hosting our leadership team meetings in our house. Each year my role changes slightly, but Trevor and I think/ pray a lot about where I’m able to best use my gifts in an area of ministry that is life-giving rather than draining.
What do you wish you had more of?
Probably more alone time without a list of tasks to get done—I crave time to reflect/ create or zone out/ nap!
What keeps you going?
Time with the Lord most of all, being still and in his Word; even if it’s not as much time as I’d desire, He is good to sustain me.  Also being able to share what’s going on in my heart with my husband and close friends.
What are your giftings? What do you enjoy most about ministry?
My gifts are faith, exhortation and shepherding. I love seeing God at work as He transforms people.  It’s a great privilege to be “up close” to women and get to see that process!
How do you keep growing in Christ?
I keep making it my priority to just BE with him, kind of like the BE that happens with our husbands, even if that’s in the midst of crazy, messy, smelly.  I open the Word and try to focus my heart on Him daily, no matter what’s going on.  It’s a discipline and isn’t always pretty, but He is gracious to meet me there.
How do you keep your marriage thriving?
We try to show love and respect for each other, we try to be honest, we try to listen, and we aim for intimacy in all things. It’s not easy and certainly not perfect, but we really are best friends.
How do you involve your kids in your ministry and students with your kids?
We bring our kids to fun events, and we have students in our home every week in some capacity.  The students we disciple get to know our kids pretty well, and even our two year old talks about “cowwege sudens” J
Anything else you want to share!

8 years ago shortly before leaving Czech Republic, I felt God prompting me to ASK him what I really wanted (I have a tendency to be timid).  Two things rose to the surface of my heart: motherhood and mission.  At the time, I was battling infertility.  I also was leaving the “mission field.”  So I genuinely asked, but almost in a laughable sense–not understanding HOW He could fulfill such out-of-reach desires.  Fast forward to today, when I am writing a blog post for the MOMMY MISSIONARIES blog!  God is GOOD 🙂

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