Responding to Clumpy Icing

This past week I worked on gluing together a gingerbread train for our family gingerbread house display.  The icing jammed in my plastic bag, the sides of the train kept falling off, and I found myself getting grumpy.  This was a moment meant for celebration and memories– Christmas music was playing, and all my family was around me happily working on their creations– and I … Continue reading Responding to Clumpy Icing

Mama Shepherds – A Christmas Devotional

In some seasons as a mommy missionary we can feel on the outskirts of all that is “happening” in the ministry on campus. Tending to our own little sheep keeps our days, and nights, full to the brim. There are many parallels with mothering and shepherding in the Bible. And the Christmas story is no exception. And in the same region there were shepherds out … Continue reading Mama Shepherds – A Christmas Devotional