What’s Next? 4 Development Opportunities for Staff Women

By Deb Proctor

Ten years ago I was eating lunch with my supervisor in California. I had recently been promoted to Nav Rep. As we discussed my desires for development for the next school year he shared something with me that has forever changed the way that I think about my development. He said, “Deb, your development is your responsibility!”  His approach was very thoughtful and challenging. For the first time I realized that I had been looking to others to develop me. I placed these expectations on my leaders. It never occurred to me that I needed to own my development. This conversation has opened up so many opportunities over the years. If I am interested in something now that will develop my walk with God, my ministry skills or strengths I begin to pursue it instead of waiting for someone else.

Here are a few you might consider:

  1. PCA – Several years ago I attended the Personal Contribution Assessment, I learned so much regarding my design and how to work well with others on my team. This 3 day training gave me insight into my personality type, spiritual gifts, strengths and values. As I took all the different pieces of who God made me to be, I wrote a vision statement for my life.
  2. SHAW – The SHAW webinar series opened my eyes in sharing with students how to talk about sexuality in my discipleship. As I went through the 7 video series, I became very comfortable learning how to discuss these different topics with students and paying attention to this topic in my own life.
  3. Relational Healing Training- This training was two-fold for me. First, I observed how to walk through a process of forgiveness in my own heart. Secondly, I learned how to practically walk through a mediation process with two people involved in a conflict. It has been so helpful in ministry to have a plan for myself and others as hurt surfaces.
  4. Route 66- This is the most influential Bible study that I have ever participated in. It is a 17 lesson overview of the Bible from Genesis to Revelation that has you read through the historical books of the Bible. 13 years later, as I read the Bible for myself, or when I talk with others, I am constantly amazed how this study continues to impact my thoughts and conversations.

In The Navigators there are so many opportunities for development. In every season I have to think about how to make development a part of my routine. Some seasons have less time than others. I realize that as a single woman, I might have more time to devote to this so my development will look different than yours. Be realistic with your expectations. If you are having trouble imagining how you could make time for this, you can talk with myself or other Nav moms, trainers or your Women’s Regional Liaison (WRL) to begin to tailor this to your availability and needs. All of these experiences I mentioned (and many more) can be made to fit your personal needs in this busy season of being a mommy missionary.

As you begin to dream about your development, what would you love to be developed in? What needs are you experiencing in ministry and parenting? What are the things that Lord is challenging you to grow in? Your development goal might be as general as attending something in the next 12 months, or as specific as signing up for the next PCA. Ask the Lord to lead you and know we are praying for you!

Deborah Proctor has worked with The Navigators for 15 years. She started working with Navs in Los Ángeles. Currently she lives in Colorado Springs and is the Associate Collegiate Director for the Collegiate Mission. She loves hiking new trails, playing with her dog  and having deep conversations with friends.

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