The Ministry of Weddings

By Katie Haas One of the ultimate joys of working with college students is watching them fall in love, counseling them while dating and watching them commit to marriage. In a world of broken sexuality where our students are bombarded with mixed messages it’s a privilege to joyously uphold God’s design for marriage, embracing it as one of God’s best gifts. I love to do … Continue reading The Ministry of Weddings


I turned on the news recently and there was a story about a fourth grader who had just won the National Spelling Bee. The word he spelled for the win was “koinonia.” The newscasters had never heard the word and looked up the definition, which they read aloud, “Christian fellowship or communion, with God or, more commonly, with fellow Christians.” They went on to express … Continue reading Fellowship

Helping our Kids Become Best Friends in Christ

By Linnette Bachman As campus staff we often work through conflict and relational skills with college students. We hear stories of broken family relationships that break our hearts. But what will be the story of our own homes and the relationships between our youngest disciples? I desire for my kids in adulthood to be not just siblings, but best friends in Christ. I desire for … Continue reading Helping our Kids Become Best Friends in Christ