Mommy Mentor Network Interview

Q & A with Tara Chamberlain and Eunice Weik – Mommy Mentor Network Pair

Tara and Eunice were connected through the Mommy Mentor Network two years ago. And even though several states divide them, their relationship has provided mutual encouragement and helped Tara navigate ministry and motherhood.

Tara, how has the Mommy Mentor Network impacted you?

“Sometimes I feel so alone in motherhood!” These words have frequently echoed through my mind as I have journeyed through my 9 years of motherhood. Several years ago I began praying for an older woman to come into my life. I hoped for someone with whom I could process motherhood, and someone I could text when I needed advice or prayer. The Lord amply provided for me through the Mommy Mentor Network which had been newly established in the Collegiate Navs. I was paired up with my now dear friend Eunice, and we began a long distance discipleship connection from Minnesota to California. The Mommy Mentor Network commitment lasted one school year, but Eunice and I have stay connected since then.

Eunice, why did you decide to be a part of Mommy Mentor Network?

I have to admit I was fearful when asked if I’d be a Mentor. “I have nothing exciting to offer. I’m not enough. These young moms are way more accomplished and on the ball than I ever was at their age.” These thoughts kept crossing my mind. Then I remembered longing for an older woman to come alongside me when I was a young mom balancing motherhood, ministry, and being a wife. I so desired to have someone to listen to me, speak into my life about motherhood and to pray for and with me. When the opportunity to help a young mom came up, I saw it as a way to be that encouragement to someone else!

Tara, what do your calls look like? 

Eunice and I have been meeting via Skype for the last two years. We meet every few weeks, for one hour . . . and sometimes a bit more because we can’t stop talking! Daddy schedules time to be home with my kids for the calls, so I can curl up and talk with her uninterrupted. Eunice and I share from our quiet times and what God is teaching us. She always brings good questions to help me process motherhood and life. She offers encouragement and leads me to scripture. We also pray together at the end of the call and keep praying for one another between calls. Amazingly, the technology does not hinder closeness! I feel like we’re in the same room!

Eunice, what has been most encouraging to you in these calls?

It’s been such a blessing and privilege getting to know Tara! I love sharing from our quiet times and how God is working in our lives. In addition to walking through motherhood and life (the joys and challenges) together these past couple of years, we’ve discovered a mutual love of gardening and Japanese food. She has become a dear friend, and our times together are such a source of encouragement to my heart!

Tara Chamberlain came to know the Lord in college and began growing through The Navigators at South Dakota State University. Tara and her husband Tim direct the campus in Mankato, Minnesota. They have three children, Isabelle, 9, Caleb, 7 and Lydia, 5. Tara serves as the Upper Midwest Women’s Regional Liaison, and Tim is the new Collegiate SHAW Director.

Eunice Weik came to know the Lord through The Navigators as a student at the University of Washington. She and her husband Steve ministered to students at Cal State University Long Beach until the Lord took him home in 2003. They have two adult kids, Taylor and Kyle. Eunice serves as the Sunland Women’s Regional Liaison and has recently accepted an expanded role in facilitating the Mommy Mentor Network.

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