Prayers Offered in Faith – Sickness

Hello again friends. Thank you for spending last week on your knees for suffering in the lives of adult Navigator children. May God hear our cries. This week we will be like Lazarus’ friends and bring the sick before Jesus. Feel free to pray for Navigator staff children of any age. These dear children could be fighting physical or mental illness. Let’s take God at His word when He says that praying together will result in restoration, health and healing. One of the many on my heart this week is my dear sis-in-law who is a Navigator staff kid (and Navigator staff herself). Amy has dealt with post concussive syndrome for five years now. Pain and dizziness plague her daily. Oh Spirit, I join you in your groans for the sick. I plead for relief and restoration of Your good design.

~ Melissa Teten
Melissa and her husband John serve the Florida Collegiate region. God has given her a passion to raise up the foundations of many generations and while she delights in meeting with women, these days she is pouring herself out for her hungry little girls. Being a mommy is a long-awaited dream that God answered after years of infertility. Lucille (5) and Rosie (1) are her most precious disciples to date. Drinking coffee and continual snacking are her spiritual gifts.

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