Is he a good “Yoke-Sharer”?

It’s SPRING! It’s a few weeks past Valentine’s Day! It’s relationship time on campuses all over the world!  Supporting women in relationships is one of the joys of being on the campus. How many meetings have you had in the last few weeks where a girl has spilled the beans about a crush, a date, a deepening friendship, or an impending proposal? I just LOVE … Continue reading Is he a good “Yoke-Sharer”?

The Mingling of Collegiate Ministry and Adoption

By Bekah Ross My current season of life looks like a constant juggling act of parenting a toddler; managing our household; keeping up with friends, family, and our local church; investing in young women on campus, and more. Perhaps this sounds similar to your life! Some days are frustrating and defeating; while other days I feel immense joy and purpose in the “Holy mundane.” When … Continue reading The Mingling of Collegiate Ministry and Adoption