We Are Disciplemaker Moms: Choosing Confidence Over Doubt

When I first caught a vision for joining The Navigators, I was full of enthusiasm. My husband and I had been praying about what full time ministry to join, and it wasn’t too long before we realized that The Navigators would be a great fit. We deeply resonated with the concept of life-on-life discipleship, and we eagerly started the application process. God closed some doors and opened others in order to lead us to our first assignment on campus almost a year later. Although I was still excited, it was also a huge wake-up call. I remember asking myself, especially in those early days, “What am I doing here?”

Already married and with a newborn, I was starting in a different place than many staff around me. I only did some of the Edge Corps training (did I mention having a newborn?). I also didn’t have a Nav ministry in college (although I was influenced by some Nav staff), so the first few years were a definite learning curve. On top of that, my ethnic heritage is different from most staff around, so that’s been eye-opening as well. Throughout the years, I’ve had doubts about what I can bring to the table or whether I feel fully a part of the Nav Family. 

I’ve had many questions, and sometimes God has brought staff into my life at just the right time to encourage and provide answers. Other times, it’s been the students that we’re reaching that remind me of my purpose. But most of the time, I’ve found it necessary to look back on God’s calling in my life. 

When I start to doubt, I remind myself that I KNOW the God who I’m serving, and that since my youth, I’ve had a drive to spend the rest of my life knowing Him more, making Him known, and helping others do the same.

When I question what my contribution is to the kingdom, I think of my heroes of the faith, Priscilla and Aquilla, who helped disciple Apollos from their home. I pray for many Apolloses to pass through our doors. 

When I face challenges in knowing how to bring up my kids in the Lord, I am reminded that they are (literally) my neighbors and precious gifts from the Lord that I have the privilege of stewarding physically, emotionally and spiritually. It is one of the most important and special roles I could ever have.

When I struggle with how to do my part, I like to look back at the expanded Navigator vision (“What Characterizes the Vision”). Although the whole statement is incredible, this particular section always deeply resonates:

These workers have a heart for the whole person. They create climates of grace. They have compassion for the vulnerable and broken. Their work is characterized by cultural relevance and sensitivity, and they work interdependently with others in the wider family of God. They are transformed men and women, people who are fragrant with humility and the aroma of Christ. They are marked by a deep engagement with and obedience to the Scriptures as the Word of God. They believe the promises of God. Both personally and in committed communities, they seek to know and pursue the purposes of God.

I am a disciplemaker mom:

-I recognize that I have the chance to create climates of grace, humility and growth in and outside my home.

-I have the ability to build up leaders who are marked by cultural relevance and sensitivity, rather than careless ignorance or intentional disdain for image-bearers who are different from them.

-I get to be a champion of hope and transformation physically, emotionally and spiritually.

-I strive to cling to and hold high the word of God in a world that often downplays truth.

-Rather than just talking about it, I get to show what it means to live in the promises of God in the mundane and the miraculous.

– I get to be a conduit of God’s presence, character and work through my own life and others from the global body of Christ. 

I am a disciplemaker mom. I’ve been given an incredible assignment and (even when it’s hard  to remember) the unwavering support of the God of the universe to fulfill it.

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