In Her Own Words: An Interview with Monica Kiamba

Today we get to hear from Monica Kiamba. I met Monica when I was welcomed into her home in Machakos, Kenya in 2013. That precious afternoon we shared our lives with her home full of women from the community in whom she is investing! Monica loves the Lord, her family and influencing generations with the Gospel of Jesus. Our hearts seemed to beat the same as we shared a few short hours together that afternoon. She is a treasure and a delight to all who know her.

~ Beth

We are excited to get to know you! Go ahead and introduce yourself to our group.

Hi ladies, my name is Monica, and I am married to Alex Kiamba. Together we have three children. We Live in Kenya, in a small town called Machakos, 63 kilometers southeast of Nairobi. Alex and I both are full time Navigators staff. Alex heads our national collegiate work, and I come alongside him in this work. He also serves on our National Leadership Team.

I’d love to hear more about your life as a mom. What do you enjoy about being a mom?

I am a mother of three – Kayla almost 9, Manuela almost 7 and Matthew turned 4 this September. My calling is to be mother of nations, and my life verse is Genesis 17:16. Before all else I get to live this out through my kids, by loving and nurturing them, raising them to become godly offspring.

Being a mom these last 10 years has been hard and rewarding. I have seen the faithfulness of God from conception, birth and all the other milestones that my children have achieved. I enjoy cooking for them, baking especially and telling or reading them stories. I also enjoy listening to music and dancing with them. I have also chosen to engage with them in school and in church.

In the school they attend, I started a Bible club where  we read through the Bible stories, sing, pray and do Bible crafts such as coloring or using modeling clay to help kids internalize the story.  We also do scripture memory. The school has allowed me and several others that I recruited to have an hour on Tuesday and Thursday mornings every week in their preschool classes all the way to grade four. I have had the privilege of teaching my kids Bible stories in different classes. This has been a hit with the children because every Bible club ends with us eating sweets! We also eat cake every end of term.

In the church we go to, I am in the children’s ministry and teach Sunday school classes for the kids. My kids love being in my classes whenever I am on duty to teach. When they grow older and move to the teen’s church, I’ll probably move and serve in teen’s church. I hope they won’t mind!

Tell me more about your ministry work in Kenya. What do you like about it and how do you see God at work in it?

Well as I said earlier, I work with The Navigators. I disciple women as young as high school graduates, all the way to young professionals. When I became a mom, I moved all my meetings with the ladies to our home. I don’t get to go to campus a lot, but since we live 5 minutes from the main university campus where we do ministry, I get to interact with students a lot. My husband goes to campus as often as he can and brings students for meals in our home. I have opened my home for some staff and campus meetings and events. This way I have continued to interact with students through my mothering years. My husband has sent several young women to me to disciple, and by God’s grace it all worked out.

I would generally meet with one or two women every week according to my capacity at the time. We would study the Bible together and flow with the kids’ schedules. All this has been possible partly because I have a lady who comes to help me with house work, 5 days a week, 8 am to 5 pm. We have been together since my firstborn was three months. She is a blessing I thank God for!

I also train staff women who join us either for our one-year program for a short term experience in ministry or our two-year program for staff training. At the end of every training season I take at least a year’s break before taking on new trainees. Currently I am training three ladies. One is on the one-year training and the other two are on the two-year training. They all finish their training next year.

What has it been like to try and make disciples during the child-rearing years?

To be able to keep on discipling women through the years of mothering children, I have had a lot of support and help. A mentor told me to turn down the volume of ministry to fit my capacity through the seasons but not to shut down completely. I have had mentors who walked and prayed with me and gave me a lot of wisdom both in mothering and discipling. My husband has also supported me and took extra time with the parenting responsibilities so that I could meet with women.

Do you have any other advice for moms in the collegiate work?

The promise in Isaiah 58:10-12 has been key for me. That as I spend myself on behalf of others God would take care of me. How? By lighting my path, guiding me always, satisfying my needs, strengthening my frame and making me to be a well watered garden, a spring whose waters never fail!  

How can we pray for you?

Keep praying that Alex and I would be fruitful laborers raising other laborers for the kingdom.

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