Hey Mama,

Hard day at home with your littles? Missing those full days spent on campus? Heart heavy in this season of intense care for others?

Welcome to our living room, Sister. 

As a mama with one foot on campus and the other stepping on legos, this blog is for you! What a unique and vital role you play. We hope you feel encouraged, connected and supported whenever you visit. 

Here you will be reminded of gospel truth for: 

  • The campus – inspiration and practical tools for contributing on campus during these ever-changing seasons of motherhood.
  • Your home – encouragement as you disciple your littles in the faith and as you partner with your husband in marriage and ministry.
  • Your heart – grace and truth poured out on your mama’s heart to nudge you toward your loving Father.

This blog is for you, but it can also be by you when you want to connect, share and contribute. Our regular contributors either are or have been right in the thick of mothering and ministry. We know some of you aren’t involved in anything “Nav official” right now and some of you are very involved. This is a place for every mom in every season and capacity. 

Our passion is to encourage and support you as a mom while acknowledging that now that you are a mom, you’re still on mission for Christ! Your role is always shifting with each trimester, semester and even daily! Learning to ebb and flow from campus based on the needs of your family can be a tricky art to master. 

We see you, Mama. We are with you and praying for you as you serve in unseen and unthanked ways. So take a deep breath and stay awhile. We’ll start the coffee (or tea if you prefer!) and settle in for a good long visit.

Your Sisters,

The Disciplemaker Moms 

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