HOPE for All Seasons

As the calendar turned to 2019, I rather informally processed the previous year. The word that kept coming to mind was “hope.” Last year brought many good and hard things, as is true in any year. I was challenged, encouraged, discouraged, happy, sad and lots of places in between. Our family experienced the gamut of emotions as well. Pain, joy, new birth, loss, transition, heartache … Continue reading HOPE for All Seasons

Advent Series: Joy to the World

For several hours we stood awaiting the ceremonial lighting of the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center in midtown Manhattan. The crowds pressed in as the anticipation grew. As the tree lit up regaled in glorious colors, the music began. “Joy to the World” was sung triumphantly! The tears ran down my face as the Gospel was proclaimed before thousands of people and countless others on … Continue reading Advent Series: Joy to the World

A Clean Mouth and a Pure Heart

Having children seems to amplify our selfish tendencies. And from my experience, our children tend toward the same sinful patterns as their parents. Such was the case in our household regarding my lack of ability to tame my tongue. When I was two and a half years old, my mom recounts me mimicking everything I heard. Not unusual, however, one day I blurted out an … Continue reading A Clean Mouth and a Pure Heart

Fostering a Love for the Lord in our Kids

The idea that there is a formula to follow to insure that our children will grow in love for the Lord is simply not true. Faith in Christ is a supernatural process that we cannot control. Jim and I prayed from the beginning that our children would develop a genuine faith in Jesus and follow Him all of their days. Years ago my sister asked … Continue reading Fostering a Love for the Lord in our Kids


I turned on the news recently and there was a story about a fourth grader who had just won the National Spelling Bee. The word he spelled for the win was “koinonia.” The newscasters had never heard the word and looked up the definition, which they read aloud, “Christian fellowship or communion, with God or, more commonly, with fellow Christians.” They went on to express … Continue reading Fellowship

The Word

What a precious gift we have in God’s Word! To think that God speaks directly to me through His Word is a treasure beyond what my mind can imagine. I love to gain insights and write them down for reference in the future. I delight in hearing, reading, studying, memorizing and meditating on Scripture. Learning Scripture over the past five decades has become a delight … Continue reading The Word

Speaking to Yourself Versus Listening to Yourself

Recently a young woman sat on my couch with tears streaming down her face. “I feel like God is always angry with me!” she blurted through the sobs. I paused to ponder my answer, “Why do you feel God is angry with you?” As she unpacked her reasoning it was clear she was not speaking the truth about her identity in Christ to herself.  Rather … Continue reading Speaking to Yourself Versus Listening to Yourself