Toilet Paper Shortages

Toilet paper shortages. In our series addressing the importance of talking to our children about godly interactions across racial and multi-cultural lines all I can think about are toilet paper shortages. Actually, these shortages are why we need to put in the work to change our own hearts, minds, and actions surrounding race, racial bias, and white privilege. Actions speak louder than words, and most … Continue reading Toilet Paper Shortages

Self Care or Self Comfort?

I recently finished Sarah Bessey’s newest book, Miracles and Other Reasonable Things. If you’re familiar with Sarah, you’ll know a few years back she was involved in a car accident that left her with serious and chronic health issues. I’m a newbie to the world of chronic health issues myself, having recently learned I have hypermobility in many of my joints which has led to … Continue reading Self Care or Self Comfort?

We are Disciplemaker Moms: The Importance of the Individual

Next week I’ll be speaking to students about “The Importance of the Individual.”  I hope you’ve all heard this phrase – it was a favorite of one of my favorites, Lorne Sanney. Here’s the link to an article he wrote on the topic back in 1986! The idea resonated with me early on because I didn’t come to campus feeling important at all. I came … Continue reading We are Disciplemaker Moms: The Importance of the Individual

Is he a good “Yoke-Sharer”?

It’s SPRING! It’s a few weeks past Valentine’s Day! It’s relationship time on campuses all over the world!  Supporting women in relationships is one of the joys of being on the campus. How many meetings have you had in the last few weeks where a girl has spilled the beans about a crush, a date, a deepening friendship, or an impending proposal? I just LOVE … Continue reading Is he a good “Yoke-Sharer”?

Advent Series: Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus

Come, Thou long expected JesusBorn to set Thy people free;From our fears and sins release us,Let us find our rest in Thee. If I’m honest, the tune we are humming around here is … Come, Thou long expected college… Our oldest is a junior in high school and we are knee deep in ACT prep courses, college visits, and spreadsheets. To keep with our Advent … Continue reading Advent Series: Come, Thou Long Expected Jesus

Advent Series: An Introduction

I’ve shared before on this blog about the difficulty I have with Christmas. It’s the time of year I feel most acutely how dysfunctional my extended family is – the estrangements, the alcoholism, the uncomfortable communication. Well, that is true, but actually, Christmas growing up could sometimes be a very joyful time for me. My parents and grandparents always did Christmas big. I mean BIG. … Continue reading Advent Series: An Introduction

I Know Less Now: Lessons from Lorne Sanny on Prayer

During my first year on staff (1996!) with The Navigator’s Eagle Lake Camp, we did a Bible study as a staff team on prayer. We spent months studying the scriptures together on the topic and as a type of capstone event, we invited Lorne Sanny to come and speak to our group. I had already had the privilege of hearing Mr. Sanny speak a few … Continue reading I Know Less Now: Lessons from Lorne Sanny on Prayer