We are Disciplemaker Moms: Remembering Why

I’ll be honest, some mornings I wonder if all our efforts in ministry are even worth it. I can easily get distracted with selfish thoughts – Bedtime routines are so hard alone, why is John gone so many evenings a week? I poured my heart and soul into crafting a quality retreat to build up and bless the women at our campus, why did so … Continue reading We are Disciplemaker Moms: Remembering Why

We Are Disciplemaker Moms: An Introduction

*Beep*Beep*Beep* My husband’s 6:30 am alarm goes off, and he rolls out of bed to start the coffee pot. Monday mornings are rough. I’m already nursing the newborn – almost nodding off in the rocker – and almost like clockwork the toddler starts crying to be let out of his room (nearly an hour before he is “supposed” to come out – thanks “OK to … Continue reading We Are Disciplemaker Moms: An Introduction

Summer Opportunities Round Up

In case you missed any of our series on summer opportunities, here is a round up with bonuses! Not only have we linked you to our most recent posts on summer, but we’ve also linked posts from our archive. Enjoy! Summer of Known Unknowns – Courtney Anderson Fall Launch Game Changer – Linnette Bachman Facing a Funding Summer – Emma Sumrall From the archives: Top … Continue reading Summer Opportunities Round Up

Is he a good “Yoke-Sharer”?

It’s SPRING! It’s a few weeks past Valentine’s Day! It’s relationship time on campuses all over the world!  Supporting women in relationships is one of the joys of being on the campus. How many meetings have you had in the last few weeks where a girl has spilled the beans about a crush, a date, a deepening friendship, or an impending proposal? I just LOVE … Continue reading Is he a good “Yoke-Sharer”?

“The Wheel Illustration” Series Round-up

For the last six months we’ve been blogging our way through the topics of The Wheel Illustration. It has been a joy and a blessing to explore each of these powerful pieces of our faith with you. I hope that it has not only reminded you of these foundations, but also encouraged you in your current season of life. I pray it has helped you … Continue reading “The Wheel Illustration” Series Round-up

Courage in Evangelism in Every Season

By Linnete Bachman I’ve heard it said that courage is not the absence of fear but moving forward in spite of fear. I have needed courage in evangelism in every season! In my full-time-on-campus years, I *enjoyed* leading IBDs. (After the first few minutes of door knocking and waiting feverishly to see if anyone would come, that is.) Partnering with a student leader gently pushed … Continue reading Courage in Evangelism in Every Season