We Are Disciplemaker Moms: An Introduction

*Beep*Beep*Beep* My husband’s 6:30 am alarm goes off, and he rolls out of bed to start the coffee pot. Monday mornings are rough. I’m already nursing the newborn – almost nodding off in the rocker – and almost like clockwork the toddler starts crying to be let out of his room (nearly an hour before he is “supposed” to come out – thanks “OK to … Continue reading We Are Disciplemaker Moms: An Introduction

Summer Opportunities Round Up

In case you missed any of our series on summer opportunities, here is a round up with bonuses! Not only have we linked you to our most recent posts on summer, but we’ve also linked posts from our archive. Enjoy! Summer of Known Unknowns – Courtney Anderson Fall Launch Game Changer – Linnette Bachman Facing a Funding Summer – Emma Sumrall From the archives: Top … Continue reading Summer Opportunities Round Up

Summer of Known Unknowns

By Courtney Anderson I still get giddy thinking about spending a summer at a Summer Training Program. I remember the deep friendships, the ridiculous shenanigans, the stretching workplace environment. Most importantly, I remember the deepening and strengthening of my roots in Christ through so many memorable messages, workshops, Bible studies, team discussions, and discipleship meetings. It’s invigorating to even reminisce!  But with those eager and … Continue reading Summer of Known Unknowns

He is Greater than Our Hearts

By Linnette Bachman “I can’t say I forgive her if that’s not truly how I feel.”“I can’t pray authentically if I don’t feel close to God.”“I have to be true to myself.” Being authentic seems to be the highest value of many of my student friends. Clearly communicating the depths of how they truly feel is of utmost importance. It trumps all else. Being that … Continue reading He is Greater than Our Hearts

HOPE for All Seasons

As the calendar turned to 2019, I rather informally processed the previous year. The word that kept coming to mind was “hope.” Last year brought many good and hard things, as is true in any year. I was challenged, encouraged, discouraged, happy, sad and lots of places in between. Our family experienced the gamut of emotions as well. Pain, joy, new birth, loss, transition, heartache … Continue reading HOPE for All Seasons