The Ministry of Weddings

By Katie Haas One of the ultimate joys of working with college students is watching them fall in love, counseling them while dating and watching them commit to marriage. In a world of broken sexuality where our students are bombarded with mixed messages it’s a privilege to joyously uphold God’s design for marriage, embracing it as one of God’s best gifts. I love to do … Continue reading The Ministry of Weddings

The Stuff Gap: Contemplating Comparison

I loved coming home on furlough. And, I hated coming home on furlough. I loved being home and seeing friends.  And, I hated seeing the stuff my friends had accumulated! It seemed that every friend I reunited with on furlough wanted to take me on a tour of their home. I loved to see what they owned.  Their homes were so beautiful.  But, something tugged … Continue reading The Stuff Gap: Contemplating Comparison