Advent Series: An Introduction

I’ve shared before on this blog about the difficulty I have with Christmas. It’s the time of year I feel most acutely how dysfunctional my extended family is – the estrangements, the alcoholism, the uncomfortable communication. Well, that is true, but actually, Christmas growing up could sometimes be a very joyful time for me. My parents and grandparents always did Christmas big. I mean BIG. … Continue reading Advent Series: An Introduction

Responding to Clumpy Icing

This past week I worked on gluing together a gingerbread train for our family gingerbread house display.  The icing jammed in my plastic bag, the sides of the train kept falling off, and I found myself getting grumpy.  This was a moment meant for celebration and memories– Christmas music was playing, and all my family was around me happily working on their creations– and I … Continue reading Responding to Clumpy Icing

Keeping Christ in a Navigator Family Christmas

Our first few years of marriage, Christmas Eve and Day looked so different from how I grew up and even year to year they were different.  I grew up with a small extended family, and my husband typically saw 100+ people every year at Christmas, so that was a big adjustment!  Add on our job with The Navigators, and now we were “on”, relating with … Continue reading Keeping Christ in a Navigator Family Christmas