Speaking to Yourself Versus Listening to Yourself

Recently a young woman sat on my couch with tears streaming down her face. “I feel like God is always angry with me!” she blurted through the sobs. I paused to ponder my answer, “Why do you feel God is angry with you?” As she unpacked her reasoning it was clear she was not speaking the truth about her identity in Christ to herself.  Rather … Continue reading Speaking to Yourself Versus Listening to Yourself

What About Me?: Three Lies About Using our Gifts

I recently chatted with a young staff wife about her obvious gift of leadership. Her husband and staff leaders confirmed that, indeed, she was gifted as such.  She was concerned that she might miss using her “voice” in her present situation and location.  She was not sure how her gifts might ever be used. And, I could tell there was apprehension that she might miss … Continue reading What About Me?: Three Lies About Using our Gifts

Does My Child’s Faith Depend on Me?

One of the biggest lies I confronted while raising our children was: “My child’s future and faith all depends on me.”   Perhaps I felt this pressure because as a wife and mom in the ministry, I knew their were eyes on me, especially as I parented!  And, to be honest, I just wanted to be the best mom ever for my kids!   This … Continue reading Does My Child’s Faith Depend on Me?

Comparison and Jealousy

I don’t like these words! They sound so immature. Comparison has almost become one of those acceptable sins (thank you Jerry Bridges for this phrase) among Christian women. Jealousy is a bit harder to own. But isn’t jealousy a twin to comparison? And both grow in the womb of desire. Being a young mom in campus ministry there are numerous opportunities to compare on many … Continue reading Comparison and Jealousy

When Ministry Hurts

Fall launch approached with the mixed emotions it always brings. Our student leaders returned for our training weekend. The long days and nights of not seeing my husband had begun. I desperately wanted to stay connected to the ministry and supportive of my husband. Honestly, not for all the right reasons, some, but not all. I hustled three little boys into their shoes, once found, … Continue reading When Ministry Hurts

Truths and Lies About Disciple-Making

I hit a wall after we returned from Indonesia twenty years ago. I was relationally tired. I found myself paralyzed when I considered discipling yet one more woman! How would I ever maintain the many relationships I had left behind and even before Indonesia? We were ‘beginning again’ connecting with donors, other staff, church, neighbors, family, and new friends. My personal expectations on top of … Continue reading Truths and Lies About Disciple-Making