Is he a good “Yoke-Sharer”?

It’s SPRING! It’s a few weeks past Valentine’s Day! It’s relationship time on campuses all over the world!  Supporting women in relationships is one of the joys of being on the campus. How many meetings have you had in the last few weeks where a girl has spilled the beans about a crush, a date, a deepening friendship, or an impending proposal? I just LOVE … Continue reading Is he a good “Yoke-Sharer”?

The Ministry of Weddings

By Katie Haas One of the ultimate joys of working with college students is watching them fall in love, counseling them while dating and watching them commit to marriage. In a world of broken sexuality where our students are bombarded with mixed messages it’s a privilege to joyously uphold God’s design for marriage, embracing it as one of God’s best gifts. I love to do … Continue reading The Ministry of Weddings

The E-I Clash: 12 Thoughts to Consider

Tom and I have observed many young couples with little children in the ministry over the years. And we have seen the havoc that can spring from their different tendencies in extroversion or introversion. Though we are both introverts ourselves we have found that I am far more outgoing than him and this has caused for us, shall we say, tension!*  This showed up when … Continue reading The E-I Clash: 12 Thoughts to Consider

A Summer at Encounter: Becoming More of Myself

What is Encounter? The details say: It is an 8-week staff development program in Colorado Springs. Your weekly schedule consists of a gospel class with Bill Tell, time with counselors from PRT, marriage mentoring, working through the Personal Contribution Assessment, a half day with God, sharpening your mpd skills and discussing developmental books with other program members… But I say: Encounter is a gift. The … Continue reading A Summer at Encounter: Becoming More of Myself

Jealous For My Marriage

One of the names of God that I find fascinating is Jealous (Exodus 34:14). To understand the meaning behind it took some study. In English “jealous” is often used with  “of.”  But when applied to God and His name, Jealous, it is different. God is jealous “for” our affection (Numbers 11:29). God will not give his glory to another (Isaiah 48:11). God is Jealous for … Continue reading Jealous For My Marriage

Our Journey through Pornography and How to Help Someone through this Struggle

If you are a student in our ministry today you will hear the words “pornography” and “masturbation” used in a message.  Likely you will hear multiple students testimonies regarding their walk to sexual freedom and you will definitely be invited more than once to join a group to help you find freedom from sexual sin and brokenness.  Although I would say my collegiate Navs experience … Continue reading Our Journey through Pornography and How to Help Someone through this Struggle

Pursuing and Protecting Oneness in Marriage

Recently a young, attractive woman was interacting with Tom at a public event.   Aggressive ‘flirty’ signs exuded from her ostentatious and dabbling behavior… standing close to his face, extended eye contact, and the telltale (warning) touch of his arm as she threw her head back and laughed at something he said.  During this uncomfortable exchange, I was standing right next to Tom… but, she made … Continue reading Pursuing and Protecting Oneness in Marriage

5 Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Marriage

By Sherry Graf I remember the new mommy haze, staying involved in ministry (even if very minimally) and trying to keep the spark alive with my husband that started this whole crazy circus! A book for new moms I read said it was important to leave my baby occasionally overnight for me to be alone with my spouse. It surprised me that it wouldn’t ruin … Continue reading 5 Tips on Maintaining a Healthy Marriage