Summer of Known Unknowns

By Courtney Anderson I still get giddy thinking about spending a summer at a Summer Training Program. I remember the deep friendships, the ridiculous shenanigans, the stretching workplace environment. Most importantly, I remember the deepening and strengthening of my roots in Christ through so many memorable messages, workshops, Bible studies, team discussions, and discipleship meetings. It’s invigorating to even reminisce!  But with those eager and … Continue reading Summer of Known Unknowns

Prayers Offered in Faith – Sin

Dear friends, I am beyond grateful that we can share these burdens with each other. Thank you for adding staff kiddos to your prayer time. Satan has his eye on these vulnerable targets. BUT our God loves children and protects them. For this last week we will pray for our children in regards to sin. As we talk to God, let’s pray for their eyes … Continue reading Prayers Offered in Faith – Sin

Prayers Offered in Faith – Sickness

Hello again friends. Thank you for spending last week on your knees for suffering in the lives of adult Navigator children. May God hear our cries. This week we will be like Lazarus’ friends and bring the sick before Jesus. Feel free to pray for Navigator staff children of any age. These dear children could be fighting physical or mental illness. Let’s take God at … Continue reading Prayers Offered in Faith – Sickness

Prayers Offered in Faith – Suffering

Good morning! What a joy to join this community of Jesus-worshiping moms in prayer. It was powerful to praise God with you last week. He is at work!!! This week we get to pray for those that are suffering. Romans 12:15 encourages us to rejoice with those who rejoice as well as weep with those who weep. Anyone weeping over their children this week? A … Continue reading Prayers Offered in Faith – Suffering

Prayers Offered in Faith – Praises

By Melissa Teten I sat in a room full of veteran Navigator staff with adult children. As they shared their personal prayer requests, so many were centered on their children. Incarceration, mental illness, addiction, etc. Ugh. My heart sank as I considered how weary these friends were with sorrow over their children. And my heart sank further still as I realized that my need for Jesus … Continue reading Prayers Offered in Faith – Praises

Mommy Mentor Network Interview

Q & A with Tara Chamberlain and Eunice Weik – Mommy Mentor Network Pair Tara and Eunice were connected through the Mommy Mentor Network two years ago. And even though several states divide them, their relationship has provided mutual encouragement and helped Tara navigate ministry and motherhood. Tara, how has the Mommy Mentor Network impacted you? “Sometimes I feel so alone in motherhood!” These words … Continue reading Mommy Mentor Network Interview

Fostering a Love for the Lord in our Kids

The idea that there is a formula to follow to insure that our children will grow in love for the Lord is simply not true. Faith in Christ is a supernatural process that we cannot control. Jim and I prayed from the beginning that our children would develop a genuine faith in Jesus and follow Him all of their days. Years ago my sister asked … Continue reading Fostering a Love for the Lord in our Kids

Courage in Evangelism in Every Season

By Linnete Bachman I’ve heard it said that courage is not the absence of fear but moving forward in spite of fear. I have needed courage in evangelism in every season! In my full-time-on-campus years, I *enjoyed* leading IBDs. (After the first few minutes of door knocking and waiting feverishly to see if anyone would come, that is.) Partnering with a student leader gently pushed … Continue reading Courage in Evangelism in Every Season