“The Wheel Illustration” Series Round-up

For the last six months we’ve been blogging our way through the topics of The Wheel Illustration. It has been a joy and a blessing to explore each of these powerful pieces of our faith with you. I hope that it has not only reminded you of these foundations, but also encouraged you in your current season of life. I pray it has helped you … Continue reading “The Wheel Illustration” Series Round-up

Fostering a Love for the Lord in our Kids

The idea that there is a formula to follow to insure that our children will grow in love for the Lord is simply not true. Faith in Christ is a supernatural process that we cannot control. Jim and I prayed from the beginning that our children would develop a genuine faith in Jesus and follow Him all of their days. Years ago my sister asked … Continue reading Fostering a Love for the Lord in our Kids

Courage in Evangelism in Every Season

By Linnete Bachman I’ve heard it said that courage is not the absence of fear but moving forward in spite of fear. I have needed courage in evangelism in every season! In my full-time-on-campus years, I *enjoyed* leading IBDs. (After the first few minutes of door knocking and waiting feverishly to see if anyone would come, that is.) Partnering with a student leader gently pushed … Continue reading Courage in Evangelism in Every Season


I turned on the news recently and there was a story about a fourth grader who had just won the National Spelling Bee. The word he spelled for the win was “koinonia.” The newscasters had never heard the word and looked up the definition, which they read aloud, “Christian fellowship or communion, with God or, more commonly, with fellow Christians.” They went on to express … Continue reading Fellowship

Helping our Kids Become Best Friends in Christ

By Linnette Bachman As campus staff we often work through conflict and relational skills with college students. We hear stories of broken family relationships that break our hearts. But what will be the story of our own homes and the relationships between our youngest disciples? I desire for my kids in adulthood to be not just siblings, but best friends in Christ. I desire for … Continue reading Helping our Kids Become Best Friends in Christ

Mommy Missionaries as Prayer Warriors

By Joy Maschhoff Every mommy missionary wears many hats: nurturer, caretaker, doctor, superhero, teacher, therapist, chef, scientist, specialist in the cleanup of infectious diseases…we all know the list goes on and on. What a privilege and a calling. Life as a mommy missionary in the Caribbean has honed my skills in the wearing of this crucial hat: soldier/warrior. The Caribbean is a hotbed for religious … Continue reading Mommy Missionaries as Prayer Warriors

I Know Less Now: Lessons from Lorne Sanny on Prayer

During my first year on staff (1996!) with The Navigator’s Eagle Lake Camp, we did a Bible study as a staff team on prayer. We spent months studying the scriptures together on the topic and as a type of capstone event, we invited Lorne Sanny to come and speak to our group. I had already had the privilege of hearing Mr. Sanny speak a few … Continue reading I Know Less Now: Lessons from Lorne Sanny on Prayer