Summer of Known Unknowns

By Courtney Anderson I still get giddy thinking about spending a summer at a Summer Training Program. I remember the deep friendships, the ridiculous shenanigans, the stretching workplace environment. Most importantly, I remember the deepening and strengthening of my roots in Christ through so many memorable messages, workshops, Bible studies, team discussions, and discipleship meetings. It’s invigorating to even reminisce!  But with those eager and … Continue reading Summer of Known Unknowns

For When I am Weak, Then I am Strong

Hi Everyone! Today on the blog, I am excited to welcome my regional leader’s wife, Karen Heintzman. Karen has impacted me personally in many ways: she has helped me grow in self-awareness, she has lovingly given me counsel and care in difficult times, and she has been an example to me of a godly mom. She has balanced the roles of mom and Nav staff … Continue reading For When I am Weak, Then I am Strong

Teach Me Lord to Order My Day

Last fall over a nice breakfast at an outdoor cafe, Jim spoke life giving words of advice to me which have changed how I seek to view each day. We were discussing things I wanted to accomplish or seemed pressured to make happen. Some of them were personal: time alone with God, working out, making healthy food, while others were family and work related. He … Continue reading Teach Me Lord to Order My Day

Top Ten Tips for Navigating STPs with Kids

 By Linnette Bachman (This post originally appeared in April 2015)         At my first STP I remember bringing my 6 month–old to Navnight each week.  Strolling her in the back of the room, desperately trying to get her to sleep, a wise older staff woman said, “Linnette, you need to go home and put your baby to bed!” It was a landmark moment in my life–I realized I was still trying to fit in the … Continue reading Top Ten Tips for Navigating STPs with Kids

Prayer Appointments: Going Deeper in Prayer

The prayer spoke in my wheel has been short since the day my oldest was born. I used to journal for hours on end and could actually sit for long periods of time with my eyes closed and not fall asleep. I’ve coped in various ways, but extended times of prayer continue to elude me. When I say “extended time in prayer” – I mean … Continue reading Prayer Appointments: Going Deeper in Prayer